Tutorial: Photographic printing with Inkodyes

The wonderful people at Inkodye have shared yet another fabulous tutorial with us.

Using their sun-exposed dyes, they use film negatives to do photo printing on a ribbon! It’s kind of like reverse-screenprinting, but so much easier than messing with screens and emulsions. You could easily do this on a larger scale by printing a negative-style image onto a transparency sheet and using that instead of a negative.

Since I first became familiar with Inkodye, I’ve been dye-ing to try them (hahahha, PUN!).  The Craft Gods were smiling down upon me, as Inkodye has generously provided me with a sample kit to experiment with. I can’t wait to show you what I come up with.

Click here for the full Inkodye Photographic Printing tutorial!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Photographic printing with Inkodyes

  1. This is soooooooooo darn cool!!! I’ve got a box of negatives I’ve stored over the years. Would them being to old maybe not make them work as well???

    I’m sure gonna try. thank you for the awesome tutorial 🙂

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