DIY shelving by pisicandru


Tonight i have finished my bookshelf - and i am so happy about it that i am hurrying to put it up. I worked mostly in the dark on my porch .... and lately was even cold out .... oh well. And now i am very bubbly ....

So some times ago i saw at Target a very nice room divider / bookshelf with assimetric dividers inside. I loved it - only one problem .... it was over 260$ .... alittle bit too steep for me. So .... some time after that i saw some wooden crates at Jo-Ann for about 10 buck a pop .... still too much since i calculated that i need at least 12 crates total to build my shelves. But surprise ... the crates were on sale for about 7 bucks but when they were scanned ..... it cost only 75 cents a piece .... oh well then - i did buy all of them in the store .... 16 in total.

Next was a trip to Wall Mart to buy can paints, 5 golds, 10 blacks and 5 clear sealant - each can about a dollar. The last was a stop to Home Depot to buy liquid nail and metal L thingies to make sure my crates will stay in place. All material all in all were about 50$ top.

And now to my little tutorial

1. Buy wooden crates - as many as you can .... i ended up using 14 crates
2. Spray paint them with gold - does not matter to have a nice coat - it will be covered lately with black. The idea is to still be able to see some gold through black .... just for fun.

3. When all crates are golden and dry start to glue them together with liquid nails .....

4. Since it was the first time i was working with liquid nail, i decided to put some metalic L and some old fashion screws at joint corners - just in case ...

5. Start to paint the black coat .... by the time i was half way done i was so dizzy from the fumes that i had to stop .... so along came the mask .... finally i got smarter.

6. The end result before i got it in the house, the cleaning up and my darlings. And of course my shelving in action ....


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