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if you've ever seen a pattern with little triangles on it like the picture to the right, those are darts.

this tutorial is for adding darts in the waist of the skirt. the same process can be used for darts elsewhere, like in the bust.

to make your own darts, put the skirt on inside out and pinch the bagginess at the sides of the front (where the darts are drawn in the picture) and the same places at the back.

the bagginess should be relatively evenly divided between the darts.

feeling a little lost? check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.


it will look like this.

pin the darts at an angle (following the arrow). this will make the skirt contoured to your shape.

here's what it looks like laid flat.


sew right along with the pins.

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here's your stitched dart. to make it lay flat, cut along the fold just to the tip of the dart, and press it open with an iron.

here's your finished dart.

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