attaching set-in sleeves
(the easy, cheater way)

There is a new version of this tutorial HERE.

Okay, so it's not really cheating. It's a perfectly legitimate way of attaching a sleeve, and it is way easier.
However, a set-in sleeve is a set-in sleeve because you're supposed to be setting it in, and with this method, you don't.
Anyway, I'm splitting hairs.
Keep in mind, though, that this will only work if you haven't already sewn up your side seams. If your side seams are sewn, you'll either have to cut them open, or use the other method.
And if your garment doesn't have side seams that line up with the sleeve seams, you'll also have to use the other method.

Step one is to sew the shoulder seams of the front and back pieces together.
You'll notice that my front piece is cut in half- that's because this is going to be a hoodie with a zipper in front. But this method will work for any top with side seams, so don't worry.

Feeling a little lost? Check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

I already have my sleeve piece cut out, all nice and stripey-like.

If you don't know how to make a sleeve, I strongly suggest you either BUY a pattern with sleeves, or cut apart an old shirt to make a sleeve pattern yourself, because they are tricky, goofy-shaped little dudes, and I can not instruct you on how to make one other than the advice above.

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Mark the center of the curvy edge of the sleeve with a pin, the part that'll be at the top of your shoulder when the shirt is on. Also mark the center of the armhole (called the scythe).
Line Mr. Sleeve and Mr. Scythe up where you've marked, right sides together, of course, and pin them together.
Line up the edges of the sleeve and each edge of the armhole, and pin those, too.


I like to start from the center, and pin the rest of the sleeve to the front, working outwards.

Then go back to the center and pin the other side the same way, working outwards.


Here it is all pinned together.


Now, we sew. Or serge, in my case.


Thar she blows!
But... we're only half-way done.
Don't worry,though... that was the hardest part!


Put all the right sides back together again with the sleeve folded in half on top.


Starting from the center again, where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt, pin outwards.

It doesn't matter if you pin the front + back pieces first, or the sleeve, just make sure that arm seam is lined up good, or it will look sloppy when you're done.


And again, we sew.

And bam! There it is!



Surprised at how easy that was? I bet you didn't even say any dirty words this time!


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