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take your big t-shirt and grab a tank top that fits well.


put the tank on top of the t-shirt. pin and cut around it.

feeling a little lost? check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

you should have two pieces that look like this. sew up the sides and hem the bottom.


now cut across the chest. this is where your top band is going to attach.


cut a long strip of stretchy fabric. it should be the length of the measurement around your shoulders, minus about 2 inches.

EXAMPLE: cut a 38" long strip of fabric if you measured 40" around your shoulders.


the strip should also be twice a wide as you want it to be.

EXAMPLE: if you want a 2" band, cut a 4" wide strip.


fold the strip in half lengthwise, with the outsides facing in. sew along the edge.


now you should have a long tube of fabric. turn it right side out.


sew the ends together. you should now have a loop of fabric that will serve as the top band of your top.

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attach this to your front and back pieces.

done! it should look like this.


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