resizing a t-shirt


There is a new version of this tutorial HERE.


this is a pretty straight-forward reconstruction. if you're looking for something to get your diy feet wet with, try this one.

here's a simple way to make that too-big Misfits tee you stole from your boyfriend into one that fits.

first, take your big shirt and turn it inside out.

if you want an idea for making a shirt bigger, go here.

next, find a t-shirt that fits well. lay that sucker on top of the bigger shirt.

it's easiest if you line the shirts up by the collars.

pin and cut around the smaller shirt.


feeling a little lost? check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

sew where you've pinned, making sure you leave the collar, armholes, and bottom unsewn (it'd be hard to put the shirt on, otherwise).

hem the armholes and bottom of the shirt.

turn the shirt right side out and put it on. look in the mirror and dance around, because you've got a new shirt!


1. after flipping the too-big shirt inside out, put it on. have someone pin it to you so that it fits. sew where you've pin. hem, etc.

2. grab and old shirt that fits, but that you are willing to "destroy". cut it apart along the seams. use this as a pattern on your too-big shirt.

NOTE: when sewing knits and stretch fabrics (like t-shirt material), a serger or overlocker is ideal. if you do not have access to a serger, make friends with someone who does! OR you can use a regular sewing machine or even sew by hand. with a sewing machine, use a zig-zag stitch on seams. this will allow the stitches to stretch with the fabric and make them less likely to break.


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