ruched off-the-shoulder top

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There is a new version of this tutorial HERE.


if you don't know what ruching is or how to do it, check out the tutorial here.

grab your extra big t-shirt and mark it like so.

cut across the chest, right at the tops of the sleeves. cut a few inches off the bottoms of the sleeves. cut the bottom of the shirt off at the length you prefer.

make sure you're cutting the bust and waist to your measurements.

if you want contrasting colored sleeves, you can follow the seams and cut them off. use the pieces to make new sleeves and attach them.

sew up the sides of the shirt. hem the sleeves and the top and bottom of the shirt.

measure around your shoulders and around your upper arm.

subtract an inch or two from each measurement and cut a piece of elastic those lengths.

your elastic should be 1/4" wide or less.


EXAMPLE: around the shoulders, you measure 40". cut a piece of elastic 38" long.

your upper arm measures 11" around. cut two 10" pieces of elastic (one for each arm).

feeling a little lost? check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

ruche the pieces of elastic where shown.

use a zig-zag stitch, and stretch the elastic as you sew. sew until you reach the point you started at.

your top should now look like this. you're done!

you can add ruffles or pleats and make a dress (if so, you can skip the step where you hem the bottom of the shirt), or add to it 1000 other ways.

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