attaching set-in sleeves
(the hard way)

There is a new version of this tutorial HERE.



Attaching set-in sleeves

Set-in sleeves are tricky, and there is an easier method.

This method is still good to know, because you might find yourself in a situation where you want to modify/add sleeves to a top that already has the side seams sewn up, or doesn't have side seams.

So here we go. We're starting with the side and shoulders seams already sewn, so we have a basic sleeveless top. The sleeves have also been sewn up and cuffed.

You can ignore the hood in the bottom right hand corner. That's for later.

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This is each sleeve folded in half.

Mark the folded edge at the longest point with a pin(red dots), and the shortest edge (green dots).

The green dots will wind up in the armpit area and the red dots at the shoulder.


The corresponding points on the top have been marked with the colored dots. The shoulders in red and the armpits in green.


Turn the top inside out.

Keep the sleeves right side out, and insert them cuff-end first into the arm holes.

Match up the armpits and the shoulders.

Feeling a little lost? Check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

Here's a sleeve inside the shirt with the edges lined up with the armhole.

Pin around the armhole- you may have to "ease" the sleeve into the armhole a bit, which means stretching it to fit.


Sew around the edge, following your pins.


Here's the edge after being sewn together, with the sleeve still inside the top.


Turn the shirt right side out again. Woo!

click here for a photo tutorial for attaching a hood.

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