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start out with your large-ish tee.

mark like so.

the larger piece should have a top measurement to match under your bust. grab a tape measure and measure right under your boobs.


cut the cross-over piece on the fold of your t-shirt.

sew up the sides of the larger front and back pieces, as shown.

feeling a little lost? check out the sewing basics or post a question in the forum.

this is what the cross-over piece looks like unfolded. it should measure slightly larger (3-6 inches) than your underbust measurement.


lay the pieces flat. match the center back of the cross-over piece (where it was folded) and the center back of the 'tube top'.


now fold the sides of the cross-over piece so it matches the width of the 'tube'. pin the center front where it crosses over itself.

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after pinning the bust piece, put the bust piece and the tube piece right sides together and pin.

sew these pieces together.


it should look like this.

when you try it on, you may find that you need to add darts to the bust piece.

you can add straps or halter ties and any other embellishment that you'd like.

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