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Vintage Apron Sew Along Part 3 ā€“ Waistband and Final Assembly

Note: These instructions are for the printable PDF pattern available in my Etsy shop.

Last time we assembled the BODICE and HALTER TIES. Now we’ll move on to the WAISTBAND and final assembly!

Note: This pattern has a 3/8″ seam allowance unless otherwise noted.


1. Grab the WAISTBAND piece and the two WAIST TIE pieces.

Note: For larger sizes, you may have two WAISTBAND pieces that should be sewn together and treated as one.


2. Each WAIST TIE has a flat end and a bias cut end.

Line up the flat end of one WAIST TIE with one end of the WAISTBAND.


3. Pin and stitch with a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Repeat with the other WAIST TIE.


4. Press the seams open.


5. You should now have one long WAISTBAND with two bias cut ends.

Mark the center of the WAISTBAND along the top and bottom edges.


6. Fold the WAISTBAND right sides together and pin.


7. Stitch around the WAISTBAND with a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Leave a 3-4″ gap at the center mark for turning.


8. Trim the seam allowances, paying special attention to the corners of the bias cut ends.


9. Do not trim the seam allowance from the unsewn gap you left at the center of the WAISTBAND.


10. Turn the WAISTBAND right sides out.

Use something pointy (like a chopstick) to get a sharp corner on the bias cut ends.


11. Press the WAISTBAND, paying special attention to the unsewn gap at the center.


12. Line up the center of the WAISTBAND with the center of the BODICE.


13. Pin the WAISTBAND and BODICE, right sides together. (Since the WAISTBAND has two right sides, you can choose either one.)

Remember to offset the raw edge of the BODICE about 1/8″ so it will be encased in the seam after stitching.


14. Stitch the BODICE to the WAISTBAND with a 3/8″ seam allowance.


15. Press the seam toward the BODICE.


16. After pressing, you might have a small corner of raw edge sticking out from the BODICE.


17. Trim that corner off at an angle.


18. All raw edges should now be completely concealed. Hurray!

Repeat this step on the other side of the BODICE.


19. Topstitch the BODICE/WAISTBAND seam.


20. Now we’ll attach the SKIRT to the WAISTBAND. The process is pretty much identical to how we attached the BODICE in the previous steps.

Start by lining up the center mark at the top of the SKIRT with the center mark on the WAISTBAND.


21. Pin the SKIRT to the WAISTBAND, right sides together. Again, remember to offset the raw edge of the SKIRT by about 1/8″.


22. Stitch the SKIRT to the WAISTBAND with a 3/8″ seam allowance.


23. Press the seam toward the SKIRT.

I generally don’t topstitch this seam, as gravity keeps everything in place, but you can topstitch it if that’s your preference.


24. Great Caesar’s ghost! We’re finished!

You are now the proud owner and creator of a fabulously retro apron!

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