Vintage Style Apron Pattern Instruction Guide

Note: These instructions are for the printable PDF pattern available in my Etsy shop. I’ve split the instructions into 3 parts, and each part is accessible from the links below.

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This cute vintage inspired apron is just the thing to make you a master of the kitchen! It has a full and flouncy circle skirt with a ruffled hem (perfect for twirling!), a sweetheart neckline, and adjustable halter straps and waist ties.

Let’s get sewing!


There is one size included. The waist ties should fit a natural waist measurement of 26″ to 56″.

For waists larger than 56″, cut two WAISTBAND pieces and sew them together before assembling.


Easy – This pattern would make a great starter project for a beginner. (More experienced seamstresses should find it fairly simple.)

Tools and Materials

  • sewing machine capable of sewing a straight stitch
  • printer
  • standard sewing tools: thread, fabric scissors, pins, marking tool, steam iron
  • 1 yard of woven fabric for the bodice and skirt
    width: 44″ wide or wider
    suitable fabrics: broadcloth, quilting cotton, calico, canvas, poplin
  • 1 yard of contrasting woven fabric for the waistband, waist ties, halter straps, and top trim
    width: 44″ or wider
    suitable fabrics: broadcloth, quilting cotton, calico, canvas, poplin
  • 2.75 yards of finished ruffle trim (fabric or lace) -or- 2.75 yards double-fold bias tape -or- 2/3 yard of contrasting woven fabric if you want to make your own ruffle trim for finishing the skirt hem
  • optional: 2.75 yards of ric-rac trim for skirt
  • optional: pockets
  • optional: mini apron for layered look



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3 thoughts on “Vintage Style Apron Pattern Instruction Guide

  1. Vintage Style Apron
    I have not used your patterns previously; however, could you tell me where the pocket pattern as well as placement was shown? I know there is another (free) general download for pockets, but nothing within the original pattern (unless I missed it). It seemed as though there was suddenly a pocket on the skirt.
    When putting the waistband and ties together, the instructions are for this to be accomplished with a single strip. But, if done in this manner, and using the 3/8″ seams for the bodice and skirt to be attached, a total of 3/4″ would be removed. Is the expectation then for the ties to just fold or pleat up to fit (as they are now narrower)?
    When I began this pattern, I knew I would encounter issues as I always line my aprons. As all the attaching of pieces includes rolling to the inside to hide open seams, it would create a very thick seam if I followed that path.
    As I have sewn for many years, I was able to adjust as I went along. However, I would be concerned if giving this pattern to a beginner to complete.
    The style is adorable and was what I needed to complete my specific project.

    1. Hi Beth-
      The pocket is a separate download with separate instructions. Along with the mini apron pinafore, it is considered an optional add-on which can be adjusted based on skill level or personal preference.

      As for the waistband, it will appear approx. 3/4″ narrower than the ties. However, since the seams are pressed toward the bodice and the skirt (respectively), there should be no pleating/folding of the waistband itself. See Step 23 here for a visual of the waistband/ties lying flat:

      I have sold many hundreds of copies of this pattern and have yet to have anyone report issues with the seams being too thick, but I’ll keep that in mind for future iterations of this pattern. I mainly sew on a pair of vintage machines that I’m convinced could stitch through concrete, so it’s certainly something to remain mindful of.

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