What I want to be when I grow up…

When people bring up the “what would you do if you could do anything you wanted” question, usually I say: I want to start an all-girl band, write a book, sew some crazy dresses or costumes, make friends with some birds of prey, move to Sweden…

Today I was chatting with my brother, and he asked me to help him come up with a scene idea for a haunted forest. Every year his school does a haunted trail as a fundraiser, and he needs to come up with an awesome new scene for his group.

That’s when I remembered my Ultimate Dream, which is to run a haunted forest. I’d settle for a house, but I’ve always like the outdoor haunts best. I could fantasize all day about making props and sets and costumes. Plus, it’s like an excuse to obsess over Halloween 365 days a year, which I pretty much do already.

Things I will have in my haunted house/forest:

Werewolves – I think it’d be awesome to have them howling from way off in the distance before you see them

Cemetery with a zombie hoard

Creepy trees with faces

Skeletons – preferably robotic ones playing in a bluegrass band or something ridiculous like that, a la the haunted train ride at Cedar Point

Whispering woods – sometimes the most basic stuff is the creepiest

Dead ghost kids laughing

Maybe some sort of satanic ritual to scare the crap out of the believers, haha.

Chainsaws… always scary

Things I will NOT have in my haunted house:

Recent horror movie characters (Freddy, Jason, Scream guy…). Lame and not scary.

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