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Here’s the current list of tutorials available at, all of which are free!

 More Tutorials:

How to Make a Surplice or Cross-over Bust Tank Top – DIY Fashion Tutorial
How to Make an Off Shoulder Top (style 1) – DIY Fashion Tutorial
How to Make an Off Shoulder Top (style 2) – DIY Fashion Tutorial
How to Make a Dry Erase Calendar with a Picture frame – DIY Home Decor Tutorial
How to Make a Pair of Armwarmers – Step by Step Sewing Tutorial
How to Make Skinny Jeans From Regular Jeans – DIY Fashion Tutorial
How to Resize a T-shirt That’s Too Big (the quick and dirty way) – DIY Fashion Tutorial
How to Make a Floral Arrangement with Sequin Details – Tiptoe Through the Tulips

9 comments on “Free Tutorials
  1. Jojo says:

    dewd ur site is so sick!!! But i have been dying to see a tutorial on pants.. or shorts.. with a fly!!!!
    luv,,,, -x-jojo-x-

  2. saundra says:

    i love all your tutorials but they wud be alot easier to follow if u had actual pictures, of the item during the tutrial.

    thanks for ur help!

  3. Angela says:

    How do you go about making cowls? Great site by the way!

  4. AshleyDoll says:

    Yoke style top–finally a way to keep wearing my favorite old button-up that’s too small! YES!

  5. Alley says:

    I love pockets, but I wear skirts everyday and never have any. Any tips for setting pockets in skirts or tops?

    PS. Love love love your work and your site; I often come here if I have a sewing quandry 🙂

  6. DanyaMichelle says:

    Under screenprinting, the first two links are dead.

  7. StrawberryDestruction says:

    Your tutorials are way easier to follow than some other websites that I’ve visited.

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